I am Janine, born and living in Berlin. I work successfully as a Mental Health Coach with my brand I AM my lover. My passion is to inspire and support people to have a healthy relationship with themselves. I am interested in fashion, community and the simple things in life, the sun, the ocean and coffee.


lover. was born in 2018 from a dream I had since I started working as a coach. The dream, to create something that reminds you every day to stay in touch with yourself, your feelings, thoughts and dreams. 


I don't make things complicated. My strength is to always keep things simple, which applies to both my designs and my working methods. 


lover. is a brand that offers fair fashion from the heart of Berlin. 

My goal is to create basics. Basics that you love to wear every day and that make you feel like you are with yourself. 


Sustainability and Ethics

Sustainability is a very important value for us in the production of our fashion. 
Therefore, we want to do our best to make our products as sustainable as possible for you. From the idea to the design, the patterns, the production, the ways and the arrival to you. 
Our steps to become a more sustainable brand:

All of our garments are made in Germany. We produce and work with German textile manufacturers and sewing factories in Berlin and Cologne.

We try to produce in very small quantities. If possible we only print to order

and use only water soluble inks for our screen printing. 

Our blanks are made from organic cotton, regenerated or recycled fibers or existing textiles. And our labels are also made from cotton. 

Our packaging is very minimalist and made from recyclable raw materials. 

We try to be as sustainable as possible.
We know, we are far from perfect and see it as our daily task to think about the future of our environment. 

We are always looking for new ways to improve our sustainability as much as possible. Just get in touch with us.We always welcome ideas and feedback.